Anna Thorlacius-Ussing

Assistant Attorney

Anna Thorlacius-Ussing is an Assistant Attorney. She gives advice predominantly on Dispute Resolution, where she assists in solving specific tasks in larger complex cases and independently handles appropriate cases. She works in close collaboration with the Attorneys.

Anna Thorlacius-Ussing graduated in 2020 from the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Law. As a part of her Master’s program, she completed a full-time project-oriented course in the Ministry of Health and the Elderly.

In 2014 prrior to her law studies, Anna Thorlacius-Ussing achived the bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Copenhagen.

As a volunteer, she has worked as a legal advisor on asylum cases in Refugees Welcome Denmark, as a contact and support person in the Danish Refugee Council and as a research assistant at the Institute of Psychology at a Ph.D. project on psychotherapeutic treatment of traumatized refugees.