Sune Klinge


Sune Klinge focuses on litigation and arbitration involving complex legal issues, and he has extensive experience in advising on compliance and climate law issues. He is also a certified arbitrator.

Sune Klinge has particular expertise in public law, including cases involving conflicts between Danish law and EU law or human rights. This includes, for example, cases in the field of environmental law or real estate.

The legal certainty of citizens and the difference between being right and be given right have always been motivating for Sune Klinge, and are also the analytical guideline for his research at the University of Copenhagen, including Sune Klinge’s PhD thesis on EU directives and fundamental rights. Sune Klinge advises businesses, NGOs and ordinary citizens.

Sune Klinge is a member of Young Arbitrators Copenhagen (YAC) and The Danish Arbitration Association. He has also served as a temporarily appointed judge in the Eastern High Court and has thus gained in-depth knowledge of litigation, including criminal law and criminal procedure.

Sune Klinge has also been a visiting researcher at the internationally leading European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

Sune Klinge regularly participates in the public debate through, for example, columns and public debate events, where the green agenda in particular is a recurring focal point.