the law firm possesses an in-depth expertise and wide experience in handling arbitration cases where demands and rules other than those in court proceedings apply


This expertise covers both domestic and international arbitration. Danish arbitration culture still differs from international culture in many ways, but the difference is continually lessening.

o:c’s experience include among others post-M&A dispute resolution, owner agreements disputes, joint ventures disputes, IT conflicts, disputes regarding dealer and agent agreements, financing disputes and energy dispute resolution.

In 2015, René Offersen was appointed as Denmark’s member for the ICC International Court of Arbitration. Through his work he has gained a deep insight into international arbitration and the ICC Court’s process. He has also been a member of international arbitration courts with the Place of Arbitration in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

As chair of the ICC Denmark Committee on Arbitration and ADR, René Offersen is co-chair at Copenhagen Arbitration Day, which attracts almost two hundred settlement profiles from both Denmark and abroad. He shares co-responsibility for the international module on the Danish Arbitration and Norwegian Advocates joint arbitration training programme for judges, which is being held in Paris.

René Offersen and the Arbitration Institute’s Secretary General’s co-chair’s Copenhagen Arbitration Day