human rights

Human Rights

Human rights are a particular legal discipline that encroaches on a large number of areas of the law that are important for business, public institutions, civil organisation and citizens. The human rights aspect often provide individual cases with a matter of principle, just as the complexity of the field is high due to the extensive body of international case law.

In Denmark, the European Convention on Human Rights is the key instrument, but the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights has become increasingly important in recent years. The Charter protects – within the scope of EU law – the rights of citizens in a wide variety of areas.

Jonas Christoffersen is a Doctor of Law and one of Denmark’s leading human rights specialists. With his background as researcher and director of the Danish Institute for Human Rights (Denmark’s National Human Rights Institution), Jonas Christoffersen has a thorough practical and theoretical insight into human rights. Jonas Christoffersen is recognised for his professional and apolitical approach to human rights. He has written a doctoral dissertation on the European Convention on Human Rights and has for a number of years has co-authored the European Convention on Human Rights with a commentary to be published in a fourth edition in the summer of 2020.

In 2014, Jonas Christoffersen authored the first edition of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights with a commentary, which was published in a second edition in 2018.

Jonas Christoffersen (on the left) was awarded the prestigious Hartmann Prize in 2019 for his contribution to human rights and the rule of law.