nyheder : maj 2023

Roschier Arbitration Forum: Navigating the New Geopolitical Landscape in Arbitration – Insights on Commercial Disputes and Investor Protection

Som et ledende nordisk advokatfirma indenfor international voldgift har Roschier siden 2009 afholdt et årligt seminar i Stockholm om aktuelle emner inden for området. Advokat René Offersen deltager i Roschier Arbitration Forum 2023, hvor programmet omfatter tre sessioner:

Session 1:
Investment Screening – Protecting a Sovereign’s Strategic Interests vs. Investors’ Rights under International Law
Steffen Hindelang, Paschalis Paschalidis, Lars-Göran Larsson, Emma Johansson, Bruno Gustafsson

Session 2:
The Nordics as Seat for International Arbitrations Involving Sanctioned Parties – Status and Future Developments
Caroline Falconer, Sanna Kaistinen, Dmitri Evseev, Aapo Saarikivi, Laila Sivonen

Session 3:
Investment Arbitration in the Wake of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Causes of Action, Prospects of Success for Investors, and Status of Pending Cases
Said Mahmoudi, Samantha J. Rowe, Aino Kyytsönen, David Ribbing, Paula Airas

Baggrunden for programmet:
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had a significant impact on the global economy and direct implications on the conduct of arbitration. The situation also sheds light on the broader issue of the impact of geopolitical factors on the resolution of international disputes. Against this backdrop, this year’s Roschier Arbitration Forum will focus on international arbitration in a rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape. When does investment screening regulation unduly infringe upon foreign investors’ rights under public international law? What is the future of the Nordics as a seat for resolving disputes with a geopolitical angle? Will we see an increased number of investor-state arbitrations in the wake of Russian invasion of Ukraine?

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